About Us

I have been in designing business for most of my adult life. My career started as a fashion designer and continued as an interior designer. At one point in my life, I decided to make a huge leap, went across the pond from Europe and got established in the USA.

During my career as a designer, I have designed and produced just about everything: clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories, beautiful homes, cafe’, restaurants, food and a lot more will come.

Writing is one of my passions. I am the author of five published books, available at Barnes&Noble  and Amazon  where you will find all my books. The latest book published is on the subject of colors:
©RED-A Voyage Into Colors, Second Edition.
Visit me on Amazon Author’s Page.

Every week I write in one of my three blog columns of which I am the author and the curator: https://valentinaexpressions.com

My weakness is fashion. I want to make women beautiful through style and original combinations, thus I created four fashion seminar programs:
1. Triumph with Your Individual Original Style.
2. The Power of Transformation Using Colors.
3. Become Friends with Your Closet and Your Body.
4. Color Expressions and You.

One day, in my studio, I put my legs up on my drawing table and started to fantasize about how it would be to direct or conduct my own TV show. I saw myself doing it and that was good enough for me. A new adventure was born under my label Valentina Design Universe.

What are the goals of producing my TV shows?
The TV is a window to the world, each of our life is a story. The goal of my TV shows is to bring to my audience stories from people in various businesses, people in the arts, people in the community, people who make a difference, people helping others, renowned people, people who have started something new at any age and everyone who has an interesting story to tell.
My goal is to entertain, inspire and inform about style, décor, latest trends and show how to create a good life in harmony with the environment and with your inner soul.

How do my guests benefit from my show? 
I produce shows at KMVT15 in Mountain View, which are aired twice a week on KMVT15 station.
My shows are also seen on Comcast 15 and 26 in Mountain View, Los Altos, Cupertino and Sunnyvale, AT&T U-Verse channel 99 throughout the Bay Area and in the world through YouTube.
By appearing on my shows, guests gain visibility. They can tell their story freely, they can show off the expertise in their field of work, they can talk about their future plans, they can be an inspiration to those who want to take their same path, and can be the voice of the community. Many of my guests acquire new clients and increase the volume of their business just by appearing on my shows. That to me, is a great gift I can give them.

I hope you will enjoy watching my shows as much as enjoy producing them for the community.

“Life is a play, the stage is my comedy”.



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